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Holly DenslowHolly Denslow

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Vintage Art & Wine Tour: 

Accompanied by Chef Prepared Lite Bites

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Holly Denslow, Year of the HorseHolly Denslow, Year of the Horse

September 24, 2014:

Artists Holly Denslow 

Year of the Horse - The year of the horse celebrated with Holly Denslow's works in abstract, expressionism, minimalism, pop, conceptualism, classical. Explore the warehouse floor of wines and arts for your pleasure.

Tickets 35.00 per person 

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Showcasing Holly Denslow Resin Works

Holly Denslow, Abstract ResinHolly Denslow, Abstract Resin

A classic Sunday afternoon spent with the fresh new works of Artist Holly Denslow under the influence of her recent studio experiences with Salli Babbitt. 

Delicious favorites from The Fish Sushi Restaurant Houston and enjoy a all day Sunday Happy Hour.
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Artist Holly Denslow, A Book That Broke The Heart Containing Nearly 300 ImagesArtist Holly Denslow, A Book That Broke The Heart Containing Nearly 300 Images
  • 1339 Todd Street Houston
    Houston, Texas
    Tickets Available
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14 years of business Sculptures By Design14 years of business Sculptures By Design 

Sculptures By Design Art Studio 14 Years of Business  -With over 200 Artists on exhibition over the past 14 years and a magnitude of mediums we have showcased - we are proud to host this event with you.

We are celebrating 14 years of business and the Artists we have worked with over the past 14 years, in a one night exhibition October 23, 2014. Join us! 

If you are a SBDS artist and have exhibited with us in the past, then we would like to offer you the ability to participate in the evenings event.

Contact us Directly to Order your Frames Here: 

* [1x3 frame] The size and the specific format is designed to allow for our buyers to collect more than one artists work.

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